NEW : version V3  check FAQ's for improvements

The Global ACEP Database is operated by the BIC under the guidance of the IMO (International Maritime Organization).

To address CSC publication requirement, as settled by IMO CCC, it is recommended that National Administrations utilize the global ACEP Database to publish their ACEP's.


  • An alternative to the Periodic Examination Scheme, the Approved Continuous Examination Program (ACEP) is the container inspection scheme utilized by most major ocean carriers and container lessors to ensure ongoing safety compliance of containers.   In response to container safety concerns, Administrations are now required to publish a list of all valid ACEP’s, to audit ACEP-holders on a regular basis and to renew ACEP’s every 10 years.   The Global ACEP Database was built to address these new requirements, bringing all ACEP data into one centralized database and ensuring full transparency for all concerned parties.